About Us

J&R Martial Arts started in 1995 as part of expanded offerings at J&R Gymnastics.

Established in 1990, J&R Gymnastics grew rapidly and the owners quickly learned that its students and family members were interested in a variety of beneficial activities.  The self confidence, positive physical activity and important self defense components of Martial Arts made it a natural fit within the gym system’s programming.

Our martial arts dojang (studio) is over 1,000 square feet with a common viewing area for parents and siblings that is 900 square feet.  Our “floating” wooden sub-floor with 1.38″ foam and vinyl top covering make for a very comfortable and safe floor to train on.  We know that a great training facility aids in the overall enjoyment of the experience for both student and family members.

More details about our excellent director, programming and facility are contained in other pages of this website.   We hope you enjoy learning about us and we look forward to meeting you.