New Instructors:

Stephanie & Tyrone


Stephanie began her TaeKwonDo journey in the summer of 2008 under the tutelage of Mr. Tyrone Forbes & Pastor Jim Wilson and quickly embraced every possible aspect of the art. She has currently achieved her first Dan, or first degree black belt with plans for many more. She currently studies the constantly evolving art of TaeKwonDo under Pastor Jim Wilson and Grandmaster Sosa.

Stephanie had a heart for martial arts from a very young age. Watching ninjas and martial artists fly across the screen in movies inspired her and her entire family to participate in a myriad of martial arts from Chinese Ken-Po to Korean TaeKwonDo. With a family of nine all achieving varying belts, and eleven black belts in the family, growing up in the Scheller household made martial arts experience a must!

In addition to her great love for martial arts, Stephanie has a heart for both children and teaching and has made both a part of her life since her teen years. From coordinating and leading various weekly groups to bring fun education to kids in her early teens to working as a tutor through highschool and college and a volunteer teacher and instructor at annual martial arts summer camps, she’s thrilled to be working with the J&R family to develop young martial artists both in mind and body!

She lives her TaeKwonDo life by the motto that “A black belt is a white belt that never quit!”

If you have any questions, you can contact Stephanie at the gym or by email: 830-606-0375 or

Our focus in the J & R program is currently Traditional Taekwondo style.