The Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Program at J&R

At J and R gymnastics Chung do Kwan( Traditional) Tae Kwon-Do school. We focus on a self defense based curriculum. A regular class is 55 minutes long, and usually follows a typical structure which includes; a warm up followed by stretching, then a review of basic techniques practiced going up and down the practice area. Then we spend time working on our traditional Tae Kwon Do forms. Which is a series of set movements and techniques, after forms practice we practice our one step sparring, which is a self defense situation simulating a punch to the face with the right hand, and students are taught a series of counters to this, one steps can involve hand strikes to all points of the body, take downs or throws, and kicks. The end of class routine involves a more intensive stretching regimen mixed with conditioning exercises such as pushups and sit-ups.